The Addition is one of the most popular residential in Singapore. The place is lovely due to where it is situated. It’s a 1-minute walk away from Potong Pasir MRT Station and Poiz Center making it the most preferred place for residential and commercial development. It is a centre for various luxury and excellent shopping centers, for example, 1. The Poiz Centre,2. The Venue Shoppes and 3. The Woodleigh Mall situated nearby and prestigious elite schools which offer quality education for your child. When you are getting bored and need to purchase something new, need to relax, need to do some enjoyment than the best destination ever to stay is The Addition private.

Excitement Facilities at The Addition Condo

The Addition Potong Pasir has exceptional and recent facilities meant for you and your family. It is situated close to Bidadari Park where plenty of outdoor families are accessible for residents to spend some quality time with their family, a tennis court, a 50m swimming pool, A sun deck, and playground for children. These facilities offer full best entertainment needs to your friends and family. The Addition has also fitness centers, for example, indoor exercise gym, workroom and health centres with spa and sauna, restaurants, bar or pub to help you to spend a fun and enjoy life as you stay at the condo.

Shopping Centres at The Addition Condo Oxley Holdings

The Addition Condo has exceptional, modern facilities and services. The place is appropriate since you will get various Shopping Centers located nearby, for example, 1. The Poiz Centre,2. The Venue Shoppes and 3. The Woodleigh Mall that you will love. You will, therefore, have different choices to make in what you want to buy.

The Addition Schools Nearby

The place has the best schools nearby, implying that your child does not have to travel far to arrive at their schools and you will be guaranteed that your kid will get a quality and best education. You will also be able to find famous elite schools such as; 1. Saint Andrew Secondary School 2. Saint Andrew Junior College,3. Cedar Girl’s Primary School, 4. Cedar Girl’s Secondary School.

The Addition Oxley Holdings offer everything. It is really a place for shopping, relaxation, and entertainment. It has always been a favorite place for some individuals. The Addition residential is one of the excellent apartment suites in Singapore. It makes you entertained and relaxed. The Addition makes it one of the most famous home dwelling options today.