Bukit Timah collection is a residential condo under the development and management of Allgreen properties in Bukit Timah. It’s in a prime land thus making its demand propel in an awesome manner. It’s at the center of amenities such as shopping centers, academic centers, restaurants, reserves as well as a highly developed transport network.

Bukit Timah Collection Condo stands as the most valued property in the region with Sixth Avenue MRT Station passing by its side. Residents who’ll own a unit here will enjoy the best living experience ever in Bukit Timah. This iconic development is equipped with the best and top ranked facilities giving residents a unique and admirable life. Entertainment will never cease.

Amenities at Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen Properties

If you own a unit in Bukit Timah collection, you will be among the lucky ones since features such as swimming pools, parking space, modern gym, kids playground, SunDeck, club and guard house just naming a few are all fixed there. They are all modern features which you will never get in any other neighborhood in Bukit Timah.

Shopping Centers Close To Bukit Timah Collection
You’ll like the shopping experience. The residence is at the middle of the best and most sorted out shopping malls. You are going to get everything you need in every season. These malls are equipped with numerous tenants offering a wide range of services and properties thus easing resident’s the task of travelling to the far distances in search of their needs.

Shopping Centres Beside Bukit Timah Collection

Some of these centers include Balmoral plaza, Sime Barby &Sixth Avenue Centers as well as the Grandstand. Bukit Timah Collection former Royalville. Accessibility This place is easily accessed in various ways such as bus and taxi services that play in that route as well as Sixth Avenue MRT Station. Through the above-mentioned means, you can travel within Bukit Timah or go to other regions within Singapore.

Among amenities residents of Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen Properties and surrounding neighborhoods enjoy is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It’s not far from the area. Family and friends have a good time in this reserve doing several outdoor activities as well as having a unique experience in the rain forest full of various species. Among the outdoor activities enjoyed include cycling, hiking, rock climbing, and many other activities that make fun.

Schools Close to Bukit Timah Collection

Bukit Timah collection residents are among the luckiest people in Singapore. This neighborhood is at the heart of numerous school. This gives the parent a lifetime opportunity to choose where the children will educate. At the same time, since they are meters away from the neighborhood, the children spend less time when going and coming from school. This offers them more time to concentrate on academic and resting after classes. These schools include Hwa Chong as well as Nation Junior College among others.

It’s the time you shun looking for residential areas and get a unit at Bukit Timah collection. The place is wonderful and has everything you need to live the elite lifestyle. All amenities and cool environment will give you an exception and unique life experience.